Policies in Process

New Policies in Process, as of 4/25/17

  • Human Research Protection Program — Establishes the high-level commitment of the University to the protection of human subjects.
  • Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research — AAHRPP accreditation standards require such a policy in order to establish thresholds for institutional/individual financial interests which should be reviewed.
  • Payment Card Activities — Establishes requirements for University units and vendors to seek and receive approval form the University's Payment Card Services unit and to assure compliance with PCI-DSS before accepting or processing payment cards.

Previously noted as in process:

  • Employees Performing Work for the University and a Related-Foundation — Establishes guidance for how Joint Engagements will be managed by the University.
  • Background Checks and Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions — Combines existing policies and expands to apply to all categories of employment. Requires all employees to self-disclose criminal convictions post-hire and during employment.
  • Use of E-mail for Official Communication with Employees — Establishes e-mail as the official means of communicating matters relating to job responsibilities, benefits, etc.
  • Fabrication of Equipment — Establishes requirements for determining the type of fabrication and correct application of F&A rates.
  • Charging for Incidental Use of University Space — Establishes a framework for setting rates to recover costs associated with incidental use of E&G space.
  • Establishing and Managing Academic Activities Abroad — Requires all education abroad activities at the University comply with standard administrative policies and are subject to oversight by ISO.
  • Use of Materials with Sexually Explicit Content — Fulfills the University's obligation under state law to notify employees that accessing, viewing, printing, downloading, storing or transmitting materials with sexually explicit or obscene content violates state law.

Existing Policy Under Review, as of 5/31/17

Previously noted as in process:

  • SEC-029, Obtaining a Cash Advance — Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services is assuming ownership of this policy as the Contact Office.
  • SEC-034, The University's Use of Closed Circuit Television Monitoring and Recording for the Safety and Security of the University Community — Reorganizing the policy to be more inclusive.
  • Acceptance & Maintenance of Works of Fine and Decorative Art — Governs the acquisition, recording, maintenance and disposition of works of fine and decorative art.
  • Accepting a Loan of Equipment from a Vendor — Sets forth requirements for accepting equipment on an evaluation or loaned basis.