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Policy Number Policy Title Policy Type
FIN-001 Determining if an Award is a Gift or Sponsored Project University
FIN-003 Management of Sponsored Program Awards in a Budget Deficit University
FIN-009 Determination of Whether Sponsored Activities Occur On-Grounds or Off-Grounds for Indirect Cost Rate Application University
FIN-027 Time and Effort Certification University
FIN-028 Minimum Effort on Federally Funded Sponsored Research Activities University
FIN-043 Managing Exports of Controlled Technology to Foreign Persons and Destinations in Support of Research and Scholarship University
RES-001 Ownership Rights in Copyrightable Material University
RES-002 Laboratory Notebook and Recordkeeping University
RES-003 Federal Classified Research University
RES-004 Research Misconduct University
RES-005 Financial Conflicts of Interest for Research Investigators University
RES-006 Patenting of Discoveries or Inventions at the University (Patent Policy) University