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Policy Number Policy Title Policy Type
HRM-050 Protection of Minors and Reporting Abuse University
PRM-008 Exterior Posting and Chalking University
PRM-017 Use of University Facilities or Property and Limits on Direct Solicitation and Advertising University
PRM-021 Commercial Filming in University Facilities or on University Property University
SEC-013 Tent Use on University Property University
SEC-030 Regulation of Weapons, Fireworks, Explosives, and Other Prohibited Items University
SEC-032 Open Burn and Open Flame Operations at the University of Virginia University
SEC-034 Use of University Networked Cameras that View University Assets and Public Spaces University
SEC-036 Prohibition of Self-Balancing Electric Wheeled Boards (Hoverboards) at the University University
SEC-040 Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS” or “Drones”) University
SEC-041 Use of Amplified Sound on Outdoor University Property University
SEC-043 Riding, Parking, and Storing of Motorized Scooters and Electric Power-Assisted Bicycles at the University University
SEC-044 Use and Access of Service Animals, Service Dogs in Training, and Emotional Support Animals on University Property or with Respect to University Programs and Activities University
SEC-045 COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirements – Vaccination, Testing, Face Masks, Events and Gatherings, and Visitors University
STAF-001 Food Service Provided by Student Organizations Student Affairs
STU-001 Use of Alcoholic Beverages and Prohibition of Other Drugs University