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Policy Number Policy Title Policy Type
BOV-002 Implementation of Suicide Prevention Protocols for Students Board of Visitors
BOV-004 Rank of Professor of Practice Board of Visitors
BOV-005 Notification to Parents of Tax-Dependent Students in Instances of Psychological Emergency Board of Visitors
BOV-009 Participation in Board of Visitors Meetings by Electronic Means of Communication in the Event of Emergency or Personal Matter or Certain Disabilities Board of Visitors
BOV-010 Liquidity Management Board of Visitors
BOV-011 Presidential Evaluation Board of Visitors
BOV-012 Administration of Athletics and the Athletics Advisory Council Board of Visitors
BOV-013 Involvement of the Board of Visitors in the Capital Planning Process Board of Visitors
BOV-018 Endowment Spending Policy and Administrative Fee Board of Visitors
BOV-021 Requirements for the University’s Capital and Operating Reserves Board of Visitors
EXT-002 Visits by Ambassadors and Heads of State University
EXT-003 Communicating with Government Officials University
EXT-004 Naming Policies for the University of Virginia University
FIN-006 Insurance Coverage University
FIN-007 Locations Requiring Use of UVA Catering University
FIN-008 Restitution and Recovery from Third Parties for Departmental Damage University
HRM-004 Faculty Resignation and Retirement Notice University
HRM-011 Campaigning for and Serving in a Public Office University
IRM-009 University Information Technology Infrastructure, Architecture, and Ongoing Operations University
IRM-011 University Information Security Program University
PRM-005 Use of the University Libraries University
PRM-006 Parking Policy for Capital Projects University
PRM-010 Parking Regulations University
PRM-012 Space and Real Estate Transactions University
PROV-003 Part-Time Employment of Retired Members of the Faculty Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-015 Criteria for Establishing Research-Only Courses Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-018 Emeritus Faculty Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-029 Faculty Appointment Types and Titles Executive Vice President & Provost
SEC-002 Environmental Management University
SEC-014 Hallway Storage and Other Hallway Use University
SEC-016 Prohibition of Cut Trees in all State-Owned and Leased University Facilities University
SEC-017 Attic Storage University
SEC-023 Mold Management University
STAF-003 Statement of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Student Affairs
STAF-004 Requirements and Costs Associated with Student Health Student Affairs
STAF-005 Parental Notification Regarding Alcohol and Other Drugs Student Affairs