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Policy Number Policy Title Policy Type
BOV-001 Adoption of Human Resource Policies Governing University Staff under Higher Education Restructuring Board of Visitors
BOV-009 Participation in Board of Visitors Meetings by Electronic Means of Communication in the Event of Emergency or Personal Matter or Certain Disabilities Board of Visitors
BOV-011 Presidential Evaluation Board of Visitors
BOV-017 Equal Employment Opportunity Board of Visitors
FIN-013 Reimbursement of Moving and Relocation Expenses University
HRM-001 Authorization of Volunteers in the Work Place University
HRM-002 Issuance and Use of University Identification Cards University
HRM-003 Employment of Administrative or Professional General Faculty Members University
HRM-004 Faculty Resignation and Retirement Notice University
HRM-005 Appointment of Unpaid Faculty University
HRM-006 Employee Recognition for Classified Staff University
HRM-007 Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments University
HRM-008 Student FICA Tax Exemption University
HRM-009 Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment University
HRM-010 Preventing and Addressing Retaliation University
HRM-011 Campaigning for and Serving in a Public Office University
HRM-012 Alternative Work Schedules University
HRM-013 Telecommuting from Alternative Work Locations University
HRM-014 Standards of Conduct for University Staff Employees University
HRM-015 Layoff for University Staff Employees University
HRM-016 Severance Benefits for University Staff Employees University
HRM-017 Temporary Reduction in Workforce for University Staff Employees University
HRM-018 Performance Management for University Staff Employees University
HRM-019 University Staff Employees Engaged in Teaching University
HRM-020 Probationary Period for University Staff Employees University
HRM-021 Terms and Conditions of University Staff Employment University
HRM-022 Employment Eligibility Verification (Completing Form I-9) University
HRM-023 Career Development for University Staff Employees University
HRM-024 Compensation Program for University Staff Employees University
HRM-025 Professional Service and External Consulting for University Staff Employees University
HRM-026 Family, Medical, and Military Leave University
HRM-027 Resolving Grievances for University Staff Employees University
HRM-028 Preventing and Addressing Threats or Acts of Violence University
HRM-029 Managing Staff Wage Employment University
HRM-030 Recruiting and Hiring of University Staff and Wage Employees University
HRM-031 Paid Leave for University Staff Employees University
HRM-032 Disruption of Normal University Operations Resulting from Weather or Emergency Events University
HRM-033 Employment of Professional Research Staff University
HRM-034 Background Checks and Ongoing Responsibility for Employees to Disclose Criminal Convictions University
HRM-035 University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses University
HRM-036 Use of Disaster Leave University
HRM-037 Evaluating Employee Fitness for Duty University
HRM-038 Faculty Leaves University
HRM-039 Approval of Appointments and Reappointments of Senior School and University Administrators University
HRM-040 Reporting by University Employees of Disclosures Relating to Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence (the Title IX Policy) University
HRM-041 Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence University
HRM-042 Early Retirement Incentive Program (University Staff and Medical Center Employees) University
HRM-043 Addressing Grievances for Administrative and Professional Non-Tenure-Track Faculty University
HRM-044 Maintaining Faculty Personnel Records University
HRM-045 Faculty External Consulting and Internal Overload University
HRM-046 Overtime Management for Non-Exempt Employees University
HRM-047 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting University
HRM-048 Paid Parental Leave for Classified Staff University
PRM-011 Use of Working Time and University Equipment for Personal or Commercial Purposes University
STU-001 Use of Alcoholic Beverages and Prohibition of Other Drugs University