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Policy Number Policy Title Policy Type
BOV-007 Working Capital Investment Board of Visitors
BOV-010 Liquidity Management Board of Visitors
BOV-014 Signatory Authority University
BOV-015 University of Virginia Debt Policy Board of Visitors
BOV-016 Interest Rate Risk Management Board of Visitors
BOV-018 Endowment Spending Policy and Administrative Fee Board of Visitors
BOV-020 Quasi-Endowment Transactions Board of Visitors
EXT-011 Investment Guidelines for University Real Estate Loans to the University of Virginia Foundation University
FIN-006 Insurance Coverage University
FIN-008 Restitution and Recovery from Third Parties for Departmental Damage University
FIN-020 Establishing and Managing Bank, ATMs, and Other Financial Institution Accounts for University Funds University
FIN-024 Internal Borrowing Program University
FIN-025 Internal Investment Program for University Units University
FIN-029 Use of Buildings Financed with Tax-Exempt Debt University
FIN-031 Prevention, Detection, and Mitigation of Identity Theft University
FIN-033 Monitoring Cash Balances and Resolving Deficits University
FIN-036 Signatory Authority for Executing University Contracts University
FIN-040 Managing Petty Cash Funds University
FIN-041 Managing Petty Checking Accounts University
FIN-042 Managing Change Funds University
FIN-045 Electronic Funds Transfers University
FIN-054 Employee Obligation to Report Potential Conflicts of Interest University
GOV-001 Development and Approval of University Policies University
GOV-002 Reporting and Investigation of Fraudulent Transactions University
GOV-003 University Corporate Compliance Program for Adherence to Federal, State, and Other Regulations University
GOV-004 Use of the University's Federally Registered Trademark University
GOV-005 Adherence to Copyright Protections University
HRM-001 Authorization and Engagement of Volunteers University
HRM-032 Disruption of Normal University Operations Resulting from Weather or Emergency Events University
HRM-050 Protection of Minors and Reporting Abuse University
IRM-013 Issuance of an Emergency Notification University
IRM-017 Records Management University
IRM-018 Issuance of a Timely Warning University
PRM-011 Use of Working Time and University Equipment for Personal or Commercial Purposes University
PRM-014 Use and Management of University Vehicles University
PRM-017 Use of University Facilities or Property and Limits on Direct Solicitation and Advertising University
PRM-018 Issuance of Trespass Warnings University
SEC-001 15-Passenger Vans University
SEC-002 Environmental Management University
SEC-028 No Smoking or Vaping University
SEC-030 Regulation of Weapons, Fireworks, Explosives, and Other Prohibited Items University
SEC-033 Road and Street Closings on University Grounds for Special Events and Construction/Utility Work University
SEC-034 Use of University Networked Cameras that View University Assets and Public Spaces University
SEC-035 Clery Act Compliance University
SEC-036 Prohibition of Self-Balancing Electric Wheeled Boards (Hoverboards) at the University University
SEC-043 Riding, Parking, and Storing of Motorized Scooters and Electric Power-Assisted Bicycles at the University University
STU-003 Missing Student Notifications for Students Residing in On-Grounds Housing University
VPFI-001 Tax-Exempt Debt Compliance VP Finance