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Policy Number Policy Title Policy Type
FIN-005 Extension and Collection of Credit University
FIN-013 Permanent Transfer of Equipment Assets to or from the University University
FIN-014 Honorarium Payments to Non-Employees Including Short-term, Non-Immigrant Alien Visitors University
FIN-021 Internal Control University
FIN-023 Reconciling Unit Accounting Records University
FIN-026 Creating and Managing Quasi Endowment Accounts University
FIN-029 Use of Buildings Financed with Tax-Exempt Debt University
FIN-032 Collecting, Reporting, and Remitting Virginia Sales Tax University
FIN-034 Accounting Requirements for Equipment Assets University
FIN-037 Governance and Compliance Requirements for Payment Card Activities University
FIN-047 Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Tax Regulations University
FIN-048 Safeguarding and Stewardship of University Financial Records University
FIN-050 Recording and Depositing Expenditure Credits University
FIN-052 Fixed Assets Accounting and Reporting of Equipment Acquired for Sponsored Programs University