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FIN-001 Distinguishing Between a Gift or a Sponsored Program University
HRM-049 Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements for Commercial Driver’s License Holders University
PRM-017 Duties Toward Speakers and Use of University Facilities or Property University
HRM-042 Early Retirement Incentive Program
(University Staff and Medical Center Employees)
SEC-029 Electrical Safety Work Practices University
FIN-045 Electronic Funds Transfers University
SEC-001 Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations University
PROV-018 Emeritus Faculty Executive Vice President & Provost
EXT-010 Employee Charitable Contributions to the University University
FIN-054 Employee Obligation to Report Potential Conflicts of Interest University
HRM-031 Employees Ineligible for Rehire University
HRM-022 Employment Eligibility Verification (Completing Form I-9) University
PROV-004 Employment of Academic General Faculty Members (Tenure-Ineligible) Executive Vice President & Provost
HRM-003 Employment of Administrative or Professional General Faculty Members University
HRM-033 Employment of Professional Research Staff University
EXT-015 Endorsement of External Entities and Products University
FIN-015 Endowment and Capital Gift Agreements University
BOV-018 Endowment Spending Policy and Administrative Fee Board of Visitors
PRM-002 Energy Management and Sustainability University
SEC-002 Environmental Management University
SEC-020 Ergonomics University
PROV-025 Establishing Academic Centers and Institutes Executive Vice President & Provost
FIN-005 Establishing and Collecting Accounts Receivable University
FIN-020 Establishing and Managing Bank, ATMs, and Other Financial Institution Accounts for University Funds University
PROV-030 Establishing Certificate Programs Executive Vice President & Provost