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FIN-017 Consistent Treatment of Sponsored Program Costs University
FIN-018 Gifts of Securities University
FIN-019 Acceptance of Gifts and Special Benefits from Vendors University
FIN-020 Establishing and Managing Bank, ATMs, and Other Financial Institution Accounts for University Funds University
FIN-021 Internal Control University
FIN-022 Oversight of University and/or Medical Center Operating and Capital Budgets and Long-term Financial Plans University
FIN-023 Reconciling Unit Accounting Records University
FIN-024 Internal Borrowing Program University
FIN-025 Internal Interest Program University
FIN-026 Creating and Managing Quasi Endowment Accounts University
FIN-027 Payroll Allocation Confirmation on Sponsored Programs University
FIN-028 Minimum Effort on Sponsored Programs University
FIN-029 Use of Buildings Financed with Tax-Exempt Debt University
FIN-030 Purchases of Goods and Services University
FIN-031 Prevention, Detection, and Mitigation of Identity Theft University
FIN-032 Collecting, Reporting, and Remitting Virginia Sales Tax University
FIN-033 Maintaining Fund Balances University
FIN-034 Accounting Requirements for Equipment Assets University
FIN-035 Academic Approval and Signatory Authority for Academic Program Agreements University
FIN-036 Signatory Authority for Executing University Contracts University
FIN-037 Governance and Compliance Requirements for Payment Card Activities University
FIN-038 Receiving Goods and Services and Timely Disbursements of University Funds University
FIN-040 Managing Petty Cash Funds University
FIN-041 Managing Petty Checking Accounts University
FIN-042 Managing Change Funds University