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PROV-025 Establishing Academic Centers and Institutes Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-026 Faculty Wage Employment Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-027 Extensions to Time-to-Degree Limits for Graduate and Professional Students Who Experience Significant Life Events Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-028 Parental Accommodation for Graduate Students on Assistantship Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-029 Faculty Appointment Types and Titles Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-030 Establishing Certificate Programs Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-031 Appointment of University Professors Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-032 Visiting Graduate Researchers Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-033 Restrictions on Certain Romantic or Sexual Relationships at the University Executive Vice President & Provost
PROV-034 Appointment of Faculty to Endowed Professorships Executive Vice President & Provost
RES-001 Ownership Rights in Copyrightable Material University
RES-002 Ownership, Retention, Safeguarding, Management, and Transfer of Research Records University
RES-003 Federal Classified Research University
RES-004 Research Misconduct University
RES-005 Financial Conflicts of Interest for Research Investigators University
RES-006 Patenting of Discoveries or Inventions at the University
(Patent Policy)
RES-007 Human Research Protection Program University
RES-008 Institutional Conflict of Interest in Human Subjects Research University
RES-009 Solicitation, Clearance, Acceptance and Ongoing Management of Sponsored Programs University
RES-010 Subrecipient Monitoring on Sponsored Programs University
RES-011 Investigator Eligibility Requirements and Responsibilities Related to Sponsored Programs University
SEC-001 Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations University
SEC-002 Environmental Management University
SEC-003 Chemical Safety and Waste Training University
SEC-004 Collection and Disposal of Regulated Hazardous Materials & Hazardous (Chemical) Waste University