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Title Policy Name
HRM-012 Workplace Flexibility
BOV-007 Working Capital Investment
EXT-002 Visits by Ambassadors and Heads of State
PROV-032 Visiting Graduate Researchers
PRM-011 Use of Working Time and University Equipment for Personal or Commercial Purposes
SEC-040 Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS” or “Drones”)
SEC-034 Use of University Networked Cameras that View University Assets and Public Spaces
PRM-001 Use of University Airplane or Private Air Transportation Service
EXT-014 Use of U.S. Department of Defense Seals or Military Insignias for Educational Programs
FIN-044 Use of the University Travel and Expense Card
PRM-005 Use of the University Libraries
FIN-046 Use of the Supplier Invoice Request
PRM-007 Use of the Rotunda
IRM-016 Use of Email as Official Means of Communication with Students
HRM-036 Use of Disaster Leave
FIN-029 Use of Buildings Financed with Tax-Exempt Debt
SEC-041 Use of Amplified Sound on Outdoor University Property
STU-001 Use of Alcoholic Beverages and Prohibition of Other Drugs
PRM-014 Use and Management of University Vehicles
GOV-004 Use and Licensing of the University's Trademarks
SEC-044 Use and Access of Service Animals, Service Dogs in Training, and Emotional Support Animals on University Property or with Respect to University Programs and Activities
HRM-019 University Staff Employees, Medical Center Employees, and Classified Staff Engaged in Teaching
BOV-015 University of Virginia Debt Policy
FIN-010 University Mail Services
IRM-010 University Information Technology Project Management
IRM-009 University Information Technology Infrastructure, Architecture, and Ongoing Operations
IRM-008 University Information Technology Accessibility
IRM-011 University Information Security Program
SEC-019 University Health and Safety Program
HRM-035 University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses
GOV-003 University Corporate Compliance Program for Adherence to Federal, State, and Other Regulations
FIN-004 Travel, Meals, and Entertainment Expenses Incurred on Behalf of the University
PRM-015 Transferring Responsibility for Real Property Assets
HRM-021 Terms and Conditions of University Staff Employment
STAF-002 Terms and Conditions for Contracted Independent Organizations and Fraternal Organizations
SEC-013 Tent Use on University Property
HRM-017 Temporary Reduction in Workforce for University Staff Employees
PROV-008 Teaching Courses for Academic Credit
VPFI-001 Tax-Exempt Debt Compliance
PRM-016 Surplus Property Disposal
EXT-012 Supplier Diversity Program
PROV-021 Substantive Change for Institutional Accreditation
RES-010 Subrecipient Monitoring on Sponsored Programs
PROV-014 Submission of Electronic Theses and Dissertations
HRM-008 Student FICA Tax Exemption
PROV-011 Student Enrollment
PROV-010 Student and Graduate Medical Education Trainee International Travel
PROV-019 Student Academic Suspension Grievance Policy
STAF-003 Statement of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities
HRM-014 Standards of Conduct for University Staff Employees
PRM-012 Space and Real Estate Transactions
RES-009 Solicitation, Clearance, Acceptance and Ongoing Management of Sponsored Programs
EXT-006 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts of Real Property, Life Insurance, Tangible Personal Property (Including Fine Art), and Intangible Personal Property
FIN-036 Signatory Authority for Executing University Contracts
BOV-014 Signatory Authority
HRM-016 Severance Benefits for University Staff Employees
FIN-012 Scholarship/Fellowship Payments to Foreign Nationals
SEC-005 Safety of Students in Laboratories, Makerspaces, Shops, and Studios
FIN-048 Safeguarding and Stewardship of University Financial Records
SEC-033 Road and Street Closings on University Grounds for Special Events and Construction/Utility Work
STU-002 Rights of Students at the University of Virginia Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
SEC-043 Riding, Parking, and Storing of Motorized Scooters and Electric Power-Assisted Bicycles at the University
PRM-019 Riding, Parking, and Storing Bicycles at the University
FIN-049 Revenue Generating Activities
PROV-033 Restrictions on Certain Romantic or Sexual Relationships at the University
FIN-008 Restitution and Recovery from Third Parties for Departmental Damage
HRM-027 Resolving Grievances for University Staff Employees
RES-004 Research Misconduct
BOV-021 Requirements for the University’s Capital and Operating Reserves
STAF-004 Requirements and Costs Associated with Student Health and Wellness
HRM-040 Reporting by University Employees of Disclosures Relating to the Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence and the Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment, and Preventing and Addressing Retaliation Policies
GOV-002 Reporting and Investigation of Fraudulent Transactions
BOV-008 Relationship with University-Associated Organizations
(formerly known as University-Related Foundations)
SEC-030 Regulation of Weapons, Fireworks, Explosives, and Other Prohibited Items
SEC-006 Regulated Medical Waste Management
PRM-003 Recycling
HRM-030 Recruiting and Hiring of University Staff and Wage Employees
IRM-017 Records Management
FIN-050 Recording and Depositing Expenditure Credits
FIN-023 Reconciling Unit Accounting Records
FIN-038 Receiving Goods and Services and Timely Disbursements of University Funds
FIN-016 Receiving and Depositing Cash & Select Monetary Instruments
BOV-004 Rank of Professor of Practice
SEC-010 Radiation Worker Protection during Pregnancy
SEC-009 Radiation Safety Program
BOV-020 Quasi-Endowment Transactions
FIN-030 Purchases of Goods and Services
HRM-047 Provision of Moving and Relocation Assistance for Newly Hired Faculty or Staff
PRM-009 Provision of Mass Transit and Charter Services at the University
SEC-039 Protests, Demonstrations, and Other Expressive Activities during Official University Ceremonies and Events held at the Academical Village
HRM-050 Protection of Minors and Reporting Abuse
FIN-051 Proposing and Managing Cost Sharing on Sponsored Programs
PROV-017 Promotion and Tenure
STU-005 Prohibition on Hazing
SEC-042 Prohibition on Dogs Running at Large
SEC-036 Prohibition of Self-Balancing Electric Wheeled Boards (Hoverboards) at the University
VPRS-001 Prohibition of Food and Drink in Research Laboratories
SEC-016 Prohibition of Cut Trees in all State-Owned and Leased University Facilities
HRM-025 Professional Service and External Consulting for University Staff Employees
HRM-020 Probationary Period for University Staff Employees
IRM-012 Privacy and Confidentiality of University Information
FIN-031 Prevention, Detection, and Mitigation of Identity Theft
HRM-028 Preventing and Addressing Threats or Acts of Violence
HRM-010 Preventing and Addressing Retaliation
HRM-009 Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment
BOV-011 Presidential Evaluation
SEC-026 Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Operation
PRM-013 Posting on the HooView Electronic Network in Newcomb Hall
HRM-041 Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence
SEC-022 Personal Protective Equipment
FIN-013 Permanent Transfer of Equipment Assets to or from the University
HRM-018 Performance Management for University Staff Employees
FIN-027 Payroll Allocation Confirmation on Sponsored Programs
FIN-002 Payment for Academic Services
RES-006 Patenting of Discoveries or Inventions at the University
(Patent Policy)
PROV-003 Part-Time Employment of Retired Members of the Faculty
PRM-010 Parking Regulations
PRM-006 Parking Policy for Capital Projects
STAF-005 Parental Notification Regarding Alcohol and Other Drugs
PROV-028 Parental Accommodation for Graduate Students on Assistantship
HRM-013.02 Paid Parental Leave for University Staff Employees
HRM-013.01 Paid Leave for University Staff Employees
RES-002 Ownership, Retention, Safeguarding, Management, and Transfer of Research Records
RES-001 Ownership Rights in Copyrightable Material
HRM-046 Overtime Management for Non-Exempt Employees
FIN-022 Oversight of University and/or Medical Center Operating and Capital Budgets and Long-term Financial Plans
PROV-016 Out-of-State Educational Activities
SEC-032 Open Burn and Open Flame Operations at the University of Virginia
BOV-005 Notification to Parents of Tax-Dependent Students in Instances of Psychological Emergency
SEC-028 No Smoking or Vaping
SEC-037 Networks, Systems, and Facilities Access & Revocation and the Issue & Return of Tangible Personal Property
EXT-004 Naming Policies for the University of Virginia
SEC-023 Mold Management
STU-003 Missing Student Notifications for Students Residing in On-Grounds Housing
EXT-013 Misrepresentation of the University’s Academic Programs and Financial Charges
PROV-020 Minors, Family Members, or Other Individuals Accompanying Education Abroad Program Staff
FIN-028 Minimum Effort on Sponsored Programs
IRM-006 Mass Digital Communications
HRM-029 Managing Staff Wage Employment
FIN-041 Managing Petty Checking Accounts
FIN-040 Managing Petty Cash Funds
FIN-043 Managing Export and Sanction Compliance in Support of University Activities
FIN-042 Managing Change Funds
SEC-038 Management of the University Keyed System (Key and Lock Policy)
FIN-003 Management of Sponsored Program Awards in a Budget Deficit
SEC-007 Management of Asbestos-Containing Materials and Lead-Containing Materials in University Facilities
FIN-033 Maintaining Fund Balances
HRM-044 Maintaining Faculty Personnel Records
STAF-007 Maintaining Current Residential Address
SEC-025 Lock Out Tag Out for Equipment during Maintenance and Repair
FIN-007 Locations Requiring Use of UVA Catering
BOV-010 Liquidity Management
HRM-015 Layoff for University Staff Employees
SEC-011 Laser Safety
PRM-018 Issuance of Trespass Warnings
IRM-013 Issuance of an Emergency Notification
IRM-018 Issuance of a Community Alert (Timely Warning)
HRM-002 Issuance and Use of University Identification Cards
BOV-013 Involvement of the Board of Visitors in the Capital Planning Process
EXT-011 Investment Guidelines for University Real Estate Loans to the University of Virginia Foundation
RES-011 Investigator Eligibility Requirements and Responsibilities Related to Sponsored Programs
FIN-025 Internal Interest Program
FIN-021 Internal Control
FIN-024 Internal Borrowing Program
BOV-016 Interest Rate Risk Management
FIN-006 Insurance Coverage
RES-008 Institutional Conflict of Interest in Human Subjects Research
FIN-053 Institutional Base Salary
IRM-004 Information Security of University Technology Resources
BOV-002 Implementation of Suicide Prevention Protocols for Students
RES-007 Human Research Protection Program
FIN-014 Honorarium Payments to Non-Employees Including Short-term, Non-Immigrant Alien Visitors
SEC-014 Hallway Storage and Other Hallway Use
PROV-001 Graduate Assistantships
FIN-037 Governance and Compliance Requirements for Payment Card Activities
FIN-018 Gifts of Securities
STAF-001 Food Service Provided by Student Organizations
FIN-052 Fixed Assets Accounting and Reporting of Equipment Acquired for Sponsored Programs
SEC-018 Fireworks Display
RES-005 Financial Conflicts of Interest for Research Investigators
PROV-012 Financial Aid to Non-Degree-Seeking Students
RES-003 Federal Classified Research
HRM-026 Family, Medical, and Military Leave
SEC-024 Fall Protection
PROV-026 Faculty Wage Employment
BOV-006 Faculty Role in University Governance
HRM-004 Faculty Resignation and Retirement Notice
HRM-038 Faculty Leaves
PROV-009 Faculty Holding Appointments at Other Institutions or Organizations
HRM-045 Faculty External Consulting and Internal Overload
PROV-029 Faculty Appointment Types and Titles
FIN-055 Faculty and Staff International Travel
FIN-009 Facilities & Administrative Rate Application and Exception Process
PRM-008 Exterior Posting and Chalking
PROV-027 Extensions to Time-to-Degree Limits for Graduate and Professional Students Who Experience Significant Life Events
SEC-015 Extension Cord Use
PROV-006 Extending Offers of Employment to Faculty in Academic Areas
PRM-004 Excavation
HRM-037 Evaluating Employee Fitness for Duty
EXT-009 Establishment of Funds from Gifts
PROV-030 Establishing Certificate Programs
FIN-020 Establishing and Managing Bank, ATMs, and Other Financial Institution Accounts for University Funds
FIN-005 Establishing and Collecting Accounts Receivable
PROV-025 Establishing Academic Centers and Institutes
SEC-020 Ergonomics
SEC-002 Environmental Management
PRM-002 Energy Management and Sustainability
BOV-018 Endowment Spending Policy and Administrative Fee
FIN-015 Endowment and Capital Gift Agreements
EXT-015 Endorsement of External Entities and Products
HRM-033 Employment of Professional Research Staff
HRM-003 Employment of Administrative or Professional General Faculty Members
PROV-004 Employment of Academic General Faculty Members (Tenure-Ineligible)
HRM-022 Employment Eligibility Verification (Completing Form I-9)
HRM-031 Employees Ineligible for Rehire
FIN-054 Employee Obligation to Report Potential Conflicts of Interest
EXT-010 Employee Charitable Contributions to the University
PROV-018 Emeritus Faculty
SEC-001 Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations
FIN-045 Electronic Funds Transfers
SEC-029 Electrical Safety Work Practices
HRM-042 Early Retirement Incentive Program
(University Staff and Medical Center Employees)
PRM-017 Duties Toward Speakers and Use of University Facilities or Property
HRM-049 Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements for Commercial Driver’s License Holders
FIN-001 Distinguishing Between a Gift or a Sponsored Program
PROV-005 Dissemination and Recording of Course Materials and Activities
HRM-032 Disruption of Normal University Operations Resulting from Weather or Emergency Events
HRM-007 Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments
GOV-001 Development and Approval of University Policies
PROV-022 Determination and Assignation of Academic Credit
IRM-003 Data Protection of University Information
PROV-015 Criteria for Establishing Research-Only Courses
FIN-026 Creating and Managing Quasi Endowment Accounts
EXT-005 Coordination of Development Activities at the University of Virginia
IRM-005 Coordination and Approval of Telecommunication Services
SEC-021 Controlling Hazardous Air Contaminants and Respiratory Protection
FIN-017 Consistent Treatment of Sponsored Program Costs
FIN-047 Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Tax Regulations
HRM-024 Compensation Program for University Staff Employees
EXT-003 Communicating with Government Officials
PRM-021 Commercial Filming in University Facilities or on University Property
SEC-031 Combatting Human Trafficking
SEC-004 Collection and Disposal of Regulated Hazardous Materials & Hazardous (Chemical) Waste
FIN-032 Collecting, Reporting, and Remitting Sales Tax
SEC-035 Clery Act Compliance
SEC-003 Chemical Safety and Waste Training
HRM-023 Career Development for University Staff Employees
HRM-011 Campaigning for and Serving in a Public Office
SEC-012 Biosafety
HRM-013.04 Bereavement Leave for University Staff Employees
HRM-034 Background Checks, Screenings, and Ongoing Responsibility for Employees to Disclose Criminal Convictions
PROV-002 Awarding of Posthumous Degrees
HRM-013 Available Leave Types for University Staff Employees
HRM-001 Authorization and Engagement of Volunteers
SEC-017 Attic Storage
BOV-003 Assignment of Pavilions on the Lawn, Weedon House, Montebello, and Sunnyside
HRM-039 Approval of Appointments and Reappointments of Senior School and University Administrators
PROV-023 Appointment, Annual Evaluation, and Reappointment of Academic Deans
PROV-013 Appointment of Visiting Faculty and Visiting Scholars
HRM-005 Appointment of Unpaid Faculty
PROV-031 Appointment of University Professors
PROV-034 Appointment of Faculty to Endowed Professorships
BOV-001 Adoption of Human Resource Policies Governing University Staff under Higher Education Restructuring
EXT-001 Administrative Dispute Resolution
BOV-012 Administration of Athletics and the Athletics Advisory Council
GOV-005 Adherence to Copyright Protections
HRM-043 Addressing Grievances for Administrative and Professional Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
FIN-034 Accounting Requirements for Equipment Assets
SEC-027 Access to Confined Space
EXT-008 Acceptance, Receipt, and Acknowledgment of Gifts
FIN-019 Acceptance of Gifts and Special Benefits from Vendors
EXT-007 Acceptance of Bequests, University Life Income Gifts, and Gifts to the University’s Donor Advised Fund
IRM-002 Acceptable Use of the University’s Information Technology Resources
PROV-024 Academic Faculty Members Appointed to Administrative Positions
FIN-035 Academic Approval and Signatory Authority for Academic Program Agreements