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PROV-009: Faculty Holding Appointments at Other Institutions or Organizations

Date: 03/29/2010 Status: Final
Last Revised:
Policy Type: Executive Vice President & Provost
Oversight Executive: Executive Vice President and Provost
Applies To:

Academic Division.

Reason for Policy:

The University can benefit from faculty taking part in external opportunities in order to foster intellectual development and research collaborations. The University has established guidelines for faculty holding appointments at other institutions or organizations.

Definition of Terms in Statement:
  • Visiting Appointment:An appointment at another institution or organization for a short term, usually one year or less, during which time the faculty member is on leave from the University.
Policy Statement:

The primary commitments of time and intellectual energy by a member of the University faculty should focus on the University’s educational, research, service, and/or patient care missions as appropriate for the nature of the position and in proportion to the corresponding percentages of compensated effort. A request by a faculty member for a leave of absence for educational purposes (per policy HRM-038: Faculty Leaves of Absence) to assume a visiting appointment at another institution or organization must be submitted in writing to the department chair and school dean. The request should describe one's professional development goals as well as the potential benefits for the school and the University that may be accomplished from the visit. The proposal to visit should address the school’s need for workload assignments and other support.

  1. Nine-Month Faculty:
    Nine-month faculty may hold appointments during the summer at their discretion provided these appointments do not conflict in any way with any commitment to the University, including summer grant support administered through the University.
  2. Non-Visiting Appointment:
    All faculty members (tenured and tenure track as well as non tenure track) are not permitted to accept or hold a non-visiting appointment at another educational institution or organization unless granted an exception by the Executive Vice President and Provost (provost). If a full-time member of the University faculty wishes to accept an academic or administrative position at another institution or organization, he or she will be required to resign from the University of Virginia faculty; a leave of absence for such a purpose will not be granted. Resignations should be submitted per policy HRM-004: Faculty Resignation and Retirement Notice.
  3. Exception:
    Upon recommendation from the department chair and dean of the faculty member's school, the provost may, at his or her discretion, approve an exception to this policy only when there is a clear benefit to the school and University. Approvals will be provided in writing by the Provost. Such exceptions are extremely rare and are based on compelling reasons.

To request an exception for an appointment at another institution or organization, the faculty member should submit to his/her school dean a written justification for the proposed arrangement demonstrating:

  • the clear benefit to the school and the University;
  • intentions regarding the allocation of time between the two institutions;
  • ability to contribute significant service to the University consistent with his/her faculty appointment; and
  • the means for resolving any conflicts of interest that may arise.

Proposals to hold appointments at other educational institutions or organizations are rarely granted and must be approved, in writing, by the provost.

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Executive Vice President & Provost Policies
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Approved By, Date:
Executive Vice President and Provost, 03/29/2010
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This is the first version of this policy.