Policy Template

Consider the information in the Equity Minded Decision Guide when drafting a University policy.

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Your Policy Title Goes Here Descriptive/ Illustrative of Policy
(Does NOT include the word “policy.”)

For Office Use Only:

DATE: MM/DD/YY Policy ID: TBD Status: Status


Contact Office:

This is the office responsible for monitoring compliance with the policy and taking any corrective actions necessary.

  • Update the policy as necessary.
  • Provide Training.

Oversight Executive:

This is the administrator with responsibility to create and implement University policies related to their area of jurisdiction and who is accountable for the subject matter.

Applies to (scope):

Any combination of the following: Academic Division, the Medical Center, and the College at Wise.

Table of Contents (optional):

Reason for Policy:

A statement(s) that encapsulates why the policy exists. This statement usually describes the problem or conflict the policy will resolve and may include any legal or regulatory reasons for the policy.

  • Cite University’s commitment to value or mission.

Definition of Terms (cf. Glossary):

Those words unique to the policy that gives the reader clarification. [Refer to the Glossary in the Directory to see if a term has already been defined.]

Policy Statement:

A statement that encapsulates what is the policy’s purpose. It usually identifies who should follow the policy, under what conditions it applies, and may include mandated actions or constraints.
Sub-Sections should include:

  • Responsibilities: For those units/departments named in the policy (or specific position) - Summarizes major responsibilities required to comply.
  • Compliance with Policy: Use standard language for failure to comply and add any unique penalties for non-compliance.

Procedures (links, forms, internal controls)

Outlines specific actions required to comply/Correlates with the responsibilities.

Related Information (Related Policies, External and University documents/websites, regulations that provide relevant information and necessary to enable compliance with the policy.)

Background (Pertinent information regarding the basis for the Policy.)