Prohibitions and Restrictions

Know what is not a permissible activity or behavior and what is a restricted activity or behavior at the University. These policies are designed to (1) provide University faculty, staff, students, and visitors with a safe and secure environment in which to teach, research, work and study; (2) maintain integrity; and (3) preserve the aesthetics of the University.


Prohibited Activities/Behaviors Restricted Activities/Behaviors
FIN-010, University Mail Services

PRM-017, Use of University Facilities or Property, and Limits on Direct Solicitation and Advertising

FIN-019, Acceptance of Gifts and Special Benefits from Vendors

SEC-013, Tent Use on University Property

HRM-009, Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment

SEC-014, Hallway Storage and Other Hallway Use

HRM-010, Preventing and Addressing Retaliation

SEC-018,  Fireworks Display

HRM-028, Preventing and Addressing Threats or Acts of Violence

SEC-030, Regulation of Weapons, Fireworks, and Explosives

HRM-041, Policy on Sexual and Gender-based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence

SEC-032, Open Burn and Open Flame Operations at the University of Virginia

PRM-011, Use of Working Time and University Equipment for Personal or Commercial Purposes

SEC-039, Protests, Demonstrations and Other Expressive Activities during FInals Weekend

SEC-015, Extension Cord Use


SEC-016, Prohibition of Cut Trees in all State-Owned and Leased University Facilities


SEC-017, Attic Storage


SEC-028, No Smoking or Vaping


SEC-036, Prohibition of Self-Balancing Electric Wheeled Boards (Hoverboards) at the University


STU-001, Use of Alcoholic Beverages and Prohibition of Other Drugs


VPRS-001, Prohibition of Food and Drink in Research Laboratories