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Job Candidate

An applicant who is being considered for a job.

Job Family

A group of job titles based on similar type of work and expertise. Job titles are grouped into Job Families based on a common focus (for example, Student Services, Trades, or Finance).

Job Sharing

In this arrangement, two employees share the responsibility for one full-time position between them. Some employees prefer to work fewer hours in exchange for part-time salary and benefits. Example: Two employees sharing a full-time job where one employee works the morning and another employee works the afternoon.

Joint Engagement

An arrangement under which an employee of the University provides services to one or more University-Related Foundations or, conversely, an employee of a University-Related Foundation provides services to the University.

Just Report It

The University’s online reporting tool for members of the University community to report of alleged Prohibited Conduct and PADHR Conduct, as well as bias and other forms of misconduct.


The process to justify exceptions to shutting down electrical energy sources prior to doing the work. The department designee(s) must document the justification to do the work with equipment or systems still energized. Energized work on facility electrical systems including equipment permanently connected (hard-wired) to the facilities’ electrical systems will require an Energized Electrical Work Permit.